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Start Trading

Forex trading is really profitable activity that most of the professionals take part in it. Trading pair of currencies is not that easy as it seem. The problem which is mainly faced by the trader is that they can often lose a large amount of money in this business. It can be considered as a thrilling activity and a great source of income.

How to get start with Forex trading?

If you are a completely new to this business you have to follow some basic terminologies to become a successful trader in Forex trading. You need to follow below mentioned tips in order to start trading.
Follow the basic Forex terminologies

• You must be aware of the basic terminologies which are often used in Forex trading such as the type of currency that you are getting rid of is known as the base currency and the currency which you are buying is called the quote currency.

• You must have proper knowledge about the exchange rate through which you come to know about how much you have to pay in the quote currency to purchase base currency.

• A long position is the terminology which means that you wish to purchase the base currency and sell the quote currency. A short position terminology means that you want to buy quote currency and vice-versa.

Analyze the market

To start trading you need to do a deep research on the market from three basic aspects which are technical research, fundamental research and sentimental research. Technical research includes reviewing different historical data and charts to determine how the currency will work based on past events. Fundamental research means to figure out the country’s economic fundamental rules which can help you to take decision while doing trading. Sentimental analyze involves to find out the mood of the market that whether you can make a favorable guess depending on the market condition.

Figure out your margin

You need to understand the policies of your broker so that you can invest money accordingly. For an instance, if you wish to invest 100, 000 units on a margin of 1%, then your broker will want you to make $1000 money in an account for security purpose.

Place your order

After setting your margin you can place an order. There are basically three types of order that you can place which are market orders, stop orders, and limit orders. Through a market order, you are able to command your broker to perform the execution of buy or sell on the basis of current market price. The Stop order provides you a chance to sell the currency below the rate of the market and buy it above the market price.

Keep eye on your profit and loss

Make sure that a result of Forex trading is based on probability. Sometime you may win or sometime you may lose but always keep your emotions under control. You can face many ups and downs in this trading.

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